Welcome to Tony Speranzo’s Home Page!

I am a Round Dance/Choreographed Ballroom Dance Leader and invite you to foxtrot your way around my web pages and enjoy a little rumba through my informative links.

I am based in San Angelo, Texas and have done beginning through intermediate Choreographed Ballroom & Round Dance lessons all over West Central Texas.  I am currently unable to teach due to physical reasons, however if you are still interested in dancing and  taking lessons, please feel free to contact me and I can put you in touch with a leader in either Abilene or Midland.

I am a member of ROUNDALAB (The International Association of Round Dance Teachers, Inc.), ICBDA (The International Choreographed Ballroom Dancer Association) and DRDC (Dixie Round Dance Council). If you need recommendations for Choreographed Ballroom Dance instruction from elsewhere in the United States, or even internationally, I can usually recommend someone in your general vicinity.

Here is a list of my own Choreographed Ballroom Dance Cue Sheets. I do hope that you enjoy them. They are my own choreography created over the years. You are able to sort on any one of the 4 colums that are displayed in either Ascending or Descending Sequence.

Cue Sheets

Here are some other links you may find interesting and useful from the world of Round Dancing and Choreographed Ballroom Dancing.


Feel free to contact me any time about your interest in Choreographed Ballroom Dancing!

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