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Dance Title Phase Rhythm Rel. Date
98 Point 6 III TS 2007/08
A Little Too Late IV RB 2008/05
A Marshmallow World II+1 TS 2005/12
A Memory Like I’m Gonna Be IV CH 2005/12
Adagio III III WZ 2005/07
Adalida II TS 1995/04
All My Love For Christmas II+1 TS 2005/12
All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down II+1 TS 1996/04
Almost Over (Getting Over You) II+2 TS 2008/05
Amazing Grace Jive IV+1 JV 2007/09
Angels Don’t Fly II+1 WZ 2008/05
Another Place, Another Time II+1 TS 1994/11
Are You Sure IV FT 2008/03
Are Your Eyes Still Blue II+1 TS 2000/06
Back When II TS 2009/03
Bad Dog, No Biscuit II+1 TS 1995/03
Beautiful Day For Goodbye IV WZ 2009/08
Big Blue Note IV CH 2006/02
Blue Rose Is IV FT 1994/05
Blue Velvet Bolero III BO 2008/05
Boulavogue IV IV+1 WZ 2007/09
Buy Me A Rose II+1 TS 2006/08
Cadillac Tears II+1 TS 2004/03
Cain’s Blood IV RB 1995/04
Caterina II+1 TS 2008/03
Center of My World IV+1 CH 2008/05
Christmas Brings The Child Out In Me II WZ 2008/11
Christmas Wishes III+2 WZ 2008/11
City Lights II+1 TS 2008/05
Cold Kiss Cha IV CH 2008/05
Cool To Be A Fool II+1 TS 2004/04
Cowboys Don’t Cry II+2 TS 1994/07
Crazy Slow Two-Step IV+1 STS 2008/05
Don’t Break My Heart IV FT 2007/09
Don’t Break My Heart III III+2 FT 2008/07
Don’t Come Crying To Me II+1 TS 1999/03
Don’t Give Up On Me IV CH 2007/08
Don’t Take The Girl III FT 1996/04
Down Under Cha III+1 CH 1994/10
Dream On Texas Ladies II+1 WZ 1994/05
Dreaming My Dreams With You II+2 WZ 1994/07
Dreamland Express IV CH 2005/12
Drift Off To Dream IV WZ 2007/09
Driving Me Out Of Your Mind II TS 1998/06
Easy Come Easy Go III+1 TS/RB 1993/10
Even If I Tried II+2 TS 1999/04
Faith In Me, Faith In You II+1 5-Count 1995/05
Foolish Pride II+2 TS 1994/07
Footsteps II+1 TS 2009/07
For A Change II TS 1995/04
For Me It’s You IV RB 1998/06
Forever Love IV FT 2008/05
Friday Night Blues IV CH 2007/10
Full Speed Ahead II+2 TS 2008/03
Gonna Walk That Line II TS 1995/03
Good Directions II+2 TS 2007/08
Good Ol’ Fashioned Love II+1 TS 1998/06
Got No Reason Now For Goin’ Home II+1 TS 2008/05
He Broke Your Memory II III WZ 2001/03
He Broke Your Memory Last Night IV WZ 1999/04
Hello Dolly III TS 2008/03
Help Pour Out The Rain II+1 TS 2008/05
Home IV FT 2007/06
Hoop-Dee-Doo II+1 TS 2005/12
Hop Scoth Hop II TS 1996/06
Hopelessly Yours IV WZ 2008/04
How Could I Ever Forget You IV+1 STS 2008/03
How Do I Get Off The Moon IV RB 2008/05
I Can Help III TS/Jive 1996/04
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do IV FT 2006/07
I Don’t Need Your Rockin’ Chair II TS 2005/12
I Don’t Need Your Rockin’ Chair Cha IV CH 2005/12
I Got A Feeling III+1 TS/Jive 2004/04
I Keep Forgetting IV RB 1999/11
I See It Now II+1 WZ 1994/12
I Swear IV CH 1994/01
I Want To Hear A Cheatin’ Song IV RB 2008/05
I Will Bolero IV+2 BO 2008/05
I Will Rumba IV RB 2008/05
I Wonder IV+1 STS 2008/03
I’d Fall In Love Tonight II WZ 2005/12
I’d Rather Have What We Had II+1 WZ 1999/10
I’ll Think Of A Reason Later II+1 TS 1999/03
I’m A Fool For You (Tall, Tall Trees) II+1 TS 1996/04
I’m For Love II+1 TS 2005/09
I’m So Lucky To Sing Foxtrot IV FT 2008/03
I’m So Lucky To Sing Two-Step II+2 TS 2008/03
Independence Day II+1 TS 1994/07
It Was Me IV WZ 2008/06
It’s Been One Of Those Days III TS 2002/06
It’s Not The End Of The World III+2 RB 1996/06
It’s Such A Happy Day II TS 2008/05
I’ve Been Better IV RB 2000/01
I’ve Got It Made II+1 TS 1993/11
Just Another Woman In Love IV RB/CH 2002/01
Kansas City Lights II+1 TS 2008/06
Kiss In The Dark II+1 WZ 1996/06
K-I-S-S-I-N-G II Polka 1994/07
Lady Lay Down III+2 WZ 2008/05
Last Night III+1 CH 2007/11
Laura, What’s He Got That I Ain’t Got II+1 TS 2004/05
Lessons Learned II+2 TS 2008/05
Little Rock II+1 TS 1994/07
Look What Followed Me Home II+1 TS 1995/02
Loser Friendly II+1 TS 2008/05
Love Happens Like That II TS 1998/08
Love Trip II+1 TS 2000/06
Made In Japan II+1 TS 2006/06
Mandolins In The Moonlight IV CH 2008/03
Mi Carina Maria IV RB 2007/09
Moonlight Memories Of You IV RB 2007/06
Much Too Young (To Fell This Damn Old) II+1 TS 1995/03
My Hat’s Off To Him IV WZ 2007/01
New Way To Fly III+2 WZ 2008/05
Old Fame II+1 TS 2008/05
On My Knees II+1 TS 1979/02
One Happy Christmas II+1 TS 2008/11
Only One Night Of The Year III+1 RB 2008/11
Only Time IV+2 BO 2007/06
Perfidia IV BO 2008/05
Pretend You Don’t See Her IV WZ 2008/05
Pretty Little Baby Child II+1 TS 2008/11
Room Full Of Roses II+1 TS 2006/01
Rose Colored Glasses II+1 WZ 2008/05
Rudolph Is A Rascal II TS 2008/11
Same Ol’ Song & Dance II+2 TS 2006/08
San Antonio Rose To You II+1 WZ 1995/09
San Antonio Stroll II+1 TS 1993/09
Secondhand Man V+0+1 BO 2009/01
Shamey, Shamey, Shame IV JV 2006/11
She And I II+1 TS 2006/08
She Cheats On Me III+2 WZ 2008/05
She Dreams IV FT 1999/09
She Left Miami And Me III CH 2007/06
She’s Mine III WZ 2006/04
Side By Side II+1 TS 2001/03
Smile IV+1 STS 2008/03
Smoke Rings In The Dark III+1 CH 1999/10
Some Beach IV CH 2005/08
Somebody Elses Moon II+2 WZ 1993/06
Someone Else’s Star II+1 TS 1995/09
Somewhere There’s Someone IV+1 FT 2004/02
Song For The Life II WZ 1995/04
Standing On The Edge Of Goodbye II+2 TS 1995/03
Stop Looking In Her Eyes IV CH 2008/03
Surround Me With Love IV+1 STS 2005/12
Take It With A Smile IV FT 2008/03
Teardrops II+2 TS 1994/12
Tell Me Again IV RB/FT 2000/06
Tennessee Waltz Cha-Cha III CH 2007/09
Texas Tornado II TS 1995/05
The Beaches Of Cheyenne II+2 TS 1996/04
The Best Of Strangers V BO 1996/02
The Big One II TS 1995/03
The Box III TS 2009/03
The Cheap Seats II+1 TS 1994/05
The First Step II+1 TS 1994/12
The Funny Little Man All Dressed In Red II+1 TS 2008/11
The Greatest Man I Never Knew IV+2 BO 2007/06
The Last Word In Lonesome Is Me IV WZ 2008/05
The Red Strokes IV STS 2007/10
The Train Of Love IV FT 2008/03
The Whispering Wind IV RB 2006/01
The Woman In My Life III+2 WZ 2006/08
The World & You Tonight V RB 2008/03
There Goes My Heart II+1 TS 1995/02
There’ll Always Be A Honky Tonk Somewhere II+1 TS 1995/03
There’s A Sparkle In Your Eye IV WZ 2008/03
Third Date Romance III+2 RB 1994/12
Too Much Of A Good Thing III+1 RB/TS 2008/05
Two Of A Kind II TS 1994/07
Two Pina Coladas II+1 TS 2008/05
When I’m Hurtin’ II+2 TS 2007/09
When The Snow Is On The Roses IV FT 2005/12
When The Thought Of You Catches Up With Me III+1 FT 1994/12
Which Bridge To Cross, Which Bridge To Burn II WZ 1995/03
Why Santa’s Fat II+2 TS 2009/11
Wild Horses III TS 2009/03
Woman, Sensuous Woman II+1 TS TS 1994/05
Wonderful Tonight IV BO 2006/12
Wrapped III TS 2007/07
Years IV+2+1 BO 2007/09
You Ain’t Much Fun II+1 TS 1994/10
You Done Me Wrong II WZ 2009/03
You Tell Me Your Dream II WZ 2008/05
You Were Only Fooling IV CH 2008/09
You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone II+1 TS 1995/09